Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Calysta Contreras Buna,

On this day (currently 12:51 am Eastern Standard Time), I wish you the best :)


I miss you. Everything is crazy right now and I barely have time to breathe but things are going fine. I'm going nuts without work to do so the 7th (first day of classes) can't come soon enough but I know that once it comes I'll wish it hadn't.

I hope you have the greaaaatest day, and I'll be talking to you soon.

much love,


Friday, August 28, 2009

Sleepless by SYSO

Tomorrow I have a meeting with the business office at Garfield, a meeting with my counselor, a pedicure/overdue hangout with a friend, a trip to IKEA with mom, and possibly a trip downtown to look at a dress with a different friend.

Today I babysat from 7:30 am until 5:30 pm which included treking downtown to meet the mother for lunch and then a ten block walk UP hills with a seven and a five year old. Plus they both broke out in tears because their mom's been working all summer and they miss her.

Yesterday I auditioned.
I didn't get nervous. Ever. From the moment I woke up until the moment we left Shorecrest High School, I wasn't nervous. In my audition, my scales were shaky, my bow hand wasn't steady but the notes were in tune, and I wasn't shaky because I was nervous, I wasn't nervous. I have a habit of messing up just because I CAN. I know it sounds stupid but it's like, auditions have this reputation of being scary and getting nervous for them, blah blah blah. and I don't really get nervous so why do I mess up? I think it's just because I feel like I'm supposed to. That's so dumb. I only prepared one page of the concerto and so when I finished I told them that was all I had prepared but did they want me to go on? The main guy, Stephen Radcliffe, who conducts the highest orchestra in the Seattle Youth Symphony Orchestras, the Youth Orchestra, said "no, no" in a surprised tone, "that was a good excerpt... very revealing."
So what the fuck does that mean?! Very revealing?! Like oh, "I see your awful bow position and I heard those out of tune thirds that would be in tune had you studied arpeggios, all of which I picked up from your revealing excerpt." OR is it more like, oh, "It was shaky and off at first but once you sunk in and got settled in the music, that excerpt really revealed what a great musician you are and I'm pleasantly surprised and am putting you in Youth." Then as I left the audition he told me I played a great audition but now was the small talk, or the honest truth?
All of these things are keeping me up and I know they shouldn't. Music means a different thing to every person and while there are necessary requirements like good tone, good rhythm, whatever, music really is only worth whatever it means to each person who hears it. So maybe Radcliffe has a knack for musical cellists who aren't as strong in technical studies and maybe my excerpt really touched him in an intricate way. Or maybe he's much more of a technical loyalist and he found that my excerpt could have been a little more technically developed for his taste. I know in theory that what orchestra I'm assigned to is based on so many tiny variables that its really not analyzable yet... I still can't sleep.

Yesterday after the audition and after the remainder of the day passed, dad took me to Darek's for dinner at the last minute. Darek's wife Amy gave birth six days ago and now their three year old Lyra is a big sister. Darek and Amy were both exhausted but still had us over for dinner, albeit on paper plates :), and it was wonderful. Most of the time Amy had to excuse herself to nurse Penelope, the six day old but I really liked talking to Darek. He gave me some really really good only child advice and I feel like that won't be the last time I ever go to him for guidance. It was a nice end to the day.

I feel better Calysta. Maybe I can sleep now?

Sunday, May 17, 2009

I'll be calling you tomorrow, Calysta


Hey Mr.Tsutakawa--
I'm going to have to let the UW know my decision by Thursday the 28th
(two weeks). Memorial day weekend I'm going on a leadership retreat
and Tuesday through Thursday (the 26th-28th) I'll be on a marine trip
so I really need to decide by this Friday.
What my orchestra assignment is for next year is the determining
factor and I'm really wanting to stay at Garfield. If you would please
let me know my assignment as soon as you can, keeping in mind that I
have about five days to make my decision, I would really appreciate

Thank you


Let's talk in person tomorrow. I would love to have you stay at Garfield.

Good sign? I think so...

Sunday, March 22, 2009

University of Washington

I love writing essays. Seriously, I always have.

I read the prompt, think it over for a couple days, know what I'm going to say, and then just write it out. Why is it that now, when it matters, and I'm applying to college, that I can't freaking write an essay. It's only five hundred words and yet I have no desire to write or idea about what my thesis is-- usually I have both.

My application to college is due on Thursday and I haven't written my essay. This feels wrong.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


There's not enough time in the day to practice my cello or paint.


Friday, December 26, 2008

Second Post (only about 20 minutes later)

So I had one of these before, it was a "Greatest Journal", when I was about ten or twelve and it turned out to be really angsty and stupid and middleschool-y... so I'm afraid that this one will turn out to be really bitchy and stupid and highschool-y but Calysta was pretty encouraging about this.
I guess I just have to try to write stuff and not worry about how dumb it is and then just not look over it again... ever. Because then I feel dumb. 

I'm already feeling dumb... how long will I last? I'm not really very good at this.

... the thing thats really intimidating about blogs or journals that are.. public is that they're so personal. Even if you're not saying anything outright personal, everything you say or write is a total reflection of who you are and what you're feeling and it scares me that I could just be thinking I'm writing some random stuff on this completely accessible world-wide-web page but my inner workings are actually completely exposed to anyone reading it...

At this point, Calysta is definitely the only person who will ever read this so I guess I should give a shout to her... I say that like I'm talking to people besides her... Hi Calysta... this is my first blog entry... here's my shout out to you for reading it!! (but I don't know how much shout outs are really worth if the shoutout-ee is the only one who hears it... oh god, nevermind)

P.S. Thanks for your entry :) It was really sweet.  XO

First Entry (from Oakland)

Calysta:  Well I showed Paloma my really cool blog and she thought it was awesome (duh) so she was inspired to make her own.  Enjoy it cause she's probably smarter than you and you'll probably learn a thing or two from her.  Peace.  I LOVE PALOMA.

P.S. I'm her cousin so don't hate cause I'll find out and get you!!