Friday, December 26, 2008

Second Post (only about 20 minutes later)

So I had one of these before, it was a "Greatest Journal", when I was about ten or twelve and it turned out to be really angsty and stupid and middleschool-y... so I'm afraid that this one will turn out to be really bitchy and stupid and highschool-y but Calysta was pretty encouraging about this.
I guess I just have to try to write stuff and not worry about how dumb it is and then just not look over it again... ever. Because then I feel dumb. 

I'm already feeling dumb... how long will I last? I'm not really very good at this.

... the thing thats really intimidating about blogs or journals that are.. public is that they're so personal. Even if you're not saying anything outright personal, everything you say or write is a total reflection of who you are and what you're feeling and it scares me that I could just be thinking I'm writing some random stuff on this completely accessible world-wide-web page but my inner workings are actually completely exposed to anyone reading it...

At this point, Calysta is definitely the only person who will ever read this so I guess I should give a shout to her... I say that like I'm talking to people besides her... Hi Calysta... this is my first blog entry... here's my shout out to you for reading it!! (but I don't know how much shout outs are really worth if the shoutout-ee is the only one who hears it... oh god, nevermind)

P.S. Thanks for your entry :) It was really sweet.  XO

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  1. You shouldn't worry so much. You're in high school so you should sound like you're in high school. If anyone thinks you sound stupid they can read another blog, I don't think you sound stupid. I love it, keep writing. You're the only one who reads my blog (besides Adam, duh).